The IT Team

Within the IT Department you can find Developers, Testers, Data Scientists, BI, Service Desk and Infrastructure! Keep reading to find out more about each role


Our Developers are responsible for producing and maintaining bespoke software and applications for us.  This includes our main underwriting software platform as well as self service dealer and customer portals. Most of our developers are full stack with a focus on front end or back end depending on their skillset and experience. Our predominant skillset includes C#, .net core, HTML/CSS, Angular, and SQL. 

They design, architect, build and maintain our software applications. In this role is it very important to be able to communicate with technical and non technical stakeholders, working collaboratively to achieve the highest standards in code and delivery.  


Our Testers ensure that all new features / software that the developers design, architect, and build, work as expected and meet the needs of our business and customers. Internal software testers tests all of the software before it is given to the users in the business and it is in a position to be deployed successfully.

Data Science

Our Data Scientists are responsible for ensuring that the business gets insights into what's happened before and predictions for the future using all the data available to us. 

They work on projects across the whole business, so it is important in this role to be able to understand business requirement and translate this into technical solutions. 

Knowledge of SAS, SQL, Python and Machine Learning are all valuable in this role as well as good communication skills and ability to prioritise workload. 

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence Analysts are primarily responsible for producing a series of comprehensive reports which cover all areas of the business. They look after customer, product and staff data, as well as ensuring that the business can gain relevant insight day to day. They are responsible for visualising data to allow non technical audiences to understand what the data is telling them.

A key skill of this role is being able to communicate effectively with non technical audiences to explain what the data is saying. Strong knowledge of SQL and ability to use visualisation tools to present information is a must have.  

Service Desk

Our Service Desk Engineers are our staffs go to people for all things IT, whether it is a hardware or software problem they are at the other end of the phone. They also undertake reviews to analyse potential problem areas so that they can focus on resolving reoccurring issues and ensure fixes are smoothly implemented. 

Customer service skills and the ability to understand problems are key in this role, as often users do not understand why or where the problem has occurred. 


Our Infrastructure Engineers are responsible for all of the IT systems that in the main, you cannot see.  This covers a wide range of technology such as our network (how our computers and sites communicate with one another), telephony, servers, WiFi and internet connectivity, amongst others. Other responsibilities include our IT Security, network performance and IT audits. 

They work on IT projects while assisting our service desk team in the resolution of IT incidents. These projects include office renovations, new systems, system upgrades through to IT security reviews and processes.

Key skills in this role are around knowledge of network, servers and hardware along with being able to react quickly and adapt. 


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